22 Feb 2023

Event: "Human development, sustainability, and agency"




14 Dec 2022

Publication: 1st TwR-II Background Paper

First Background Paper TwR-II © IIASA




27 Oct 2022

Event: First workshop with the TwR-II CoSP 




TwR-II introduction by Ban Ki-Moon, Patron of the Transformations Within Reach initiative




TwR-II asserts that the key to sustainability transformation is a better societal decision-making and governance systems. Therefore, TwR-II aims to put forward recommendations on how decision-makingsystems and processes can be improved to catalyze sustainability transformations and identify effective levers of change for this.

A short description of the TwR-II initiative can be found here.





Framework for Societal Transformations 

Framework for Societal Transformations © IIASA


IIASA TwR-II coordination team has formulated a synthesis framework for societal transformations, which was discussed in the first workshop with the Community of Science and Practice (CoSP).





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