Framework for Societal Transformations

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The IIASA TwR-II coordination team has formulated a synthesis framework for societal transformations, which was discussed in the first workshop with the Community of Science and Practice (CoSP). It consists of:

  • A political economic teleology of sustainable well-being for all defined by fulfillment of everyone's basic needs within biophysical limits.
  • Enhanced agency characterised by eudaimonic value orientations, multi-level co-ordination, holistic information processing, and convivial technologies.
  • Structural enablers of sustainable needs-driven production models, trans-disciplinary knowledge systems, polycentric dispersion of power, and social-ecological security framework.


Framework for Societal Transformations © IIASA



For more information, please refer to the first Background Paper for Transformations within Reach Phase 2 (TwR-II) and the TwR-II coordination team's presentation at the first CoSP workshop.





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