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22 Feb 2023

Co-organized by IIASA, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the Austrian Academy of Sciences, this hybrid event marks the Austrian launch of the Human Development Report 2021-2022 "Uncertain Times, Unsettled Lives: Shaping our Future in a Transforming World" and features flash talks and a podium discussion focusing on human agency as a foundation for sustainable human development.



Event: "Human development, sustainability, and agency"


14 Dec 2022

First Background Paper for Transformations within Reach (Phase-2): Framework for Catalyzing Societal Transformations



Publication: First Background Paper for Transformations within Reach (Phase-2). Framework for catalyzing societal transformations

First Background Paper TwR-II © IIASA




27 Oct 2022

An integral part of our initiative is a diverse Community of Science and Practice (CoSP), in partnership with whom we seek to achieve our objectives. The first CoSP workshop was conducted on 27th Oct 2022. It includes an overview of our initiative and introduction to the framework for societal transformations around which we intend to organize our further work.




Event: First workshop of the TwR-II CoSP 


11 April 2022

First Meeting of the Advisory Board of the Transformations within Reach initiative 



20 Jan 2022

Leena Srivastava presented at NIES Japan Coference: Societal transformation towards global sustainability


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